So you want to a filmmaker or you just want to experiment with images and sound? The Telemedia film and television program is the place for you. Here you will be able to explore the concepts, use the tools and contemplate the implications of the powerful media created by the human mind, all this while learning how to make movies. Our film classes will expose you to the practical applications and the creative techniques of the cinematic tools needed for the production film and video. It will include scriptwriting and story telling, communication concepts, cinematography, audio recording and sound design, acting and directing for camera, motion graphics, editing, special effects, set design and a host of other production and post-production skills. The program seeks to prepare you for a successful career in media and film production.

After completing your associate degree in Telemedia at Southwestern College, a student’s career options may include opportunities in broadcast television, film, digital media production, advertising, producing, directing, videographer, cinematographer, lighting (gaffer), studio manager, camera operator, editor, actor, scriptwriter, set design, to name a few.

For students interested to going on for a bachelors degree at a four year college or university, our transfer program is probably one of the best in the state.

The Southwestern College Telemedia program is dedicated to providing students with a comprehensive, quality educational experience that will prepare them for a fulfilling and exciting career.

Our production facilities are designed to expose students to the same professional equipment, facilities and practices that you will find in the film and video industry preparing you to become a strong competitor in this highly competitive industry.  Access to high quality equipment is coupled with access to people who are currently working in the industry as professional writers, filmmakers, producers, directors, and editors.

Come and join us and we will learn the magic of making films together.